Buffon: “It Was A Tenth Of A Penalty, This Can’t Happen”

◼️ The Italian goalkeeper was outraged by the ruling of the referee in Real Madrid-Juventus that also resulted in his expulsion.

Incredible image of Gianluiggi Buffon, one of the most respected and admired players in the world. The Italian goalkeeper was sent off after the referee of Real Madrid-Juventus gave a penalty with which his team was out of the Champions League.

“I’m fine, life goes on, I’m proud of the match we’ve made, the help of my teammates, we had done the unthinkable but it wasn’t the fair end for Juventus tonight”, Buffon said.

He added: “I was very close, like the referee, it was a tenth of a penalty, this can not happen, the referee has been out of place and I get the red card.”

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