Westbrook: “Nobody Else Does What I Do Every Night”

Russell Westbrook is 16 rebounds to enlarge his story. With a game to play, is the amount he needs to average for a second consecutive campaign a triple-double, which would make him break his tie with Oscar Robertson, who also signed such averages during a campaign.

Your game should be a pride; However, there is a certain current that points his statistics in rebounds as inflated. In short: his colleagues are accused of letting him ‘steal’ rebounds to fill in his statistics and so he can reach such figures. How could it be otherwise, this thought bothers the base of the Thunder.

“This is not like Steven Adams boxing and I took the rebound, you know what I mean? Many people make jokes about this. If they could take 15 or 20 rebounds every night, they would. People who say these things should try to do it and see how difficult it is, since everyone prefers to talk”, he explains to the media.

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