NBA Playoffs – The Eastern Conference Matchups And More

With the Regular Season finished and without as much emotion or agony as in the West, the Eastern Conference has its playoffs defined. The following teams have been classified, in order of first to eighth: Toronto (59-23), Boston (55-27), Philadelphia (52-30), Cleveland (50-32), Indiana (48-34), Miami (44-38), Milwaukee (44-38) and Washington (43-39).

2018 NBA Playoffs at the Eastern Conference

Toronto Raptors (1) – Washington Wizards (8)
Cleveland Cavaliers (4) – Indiana Pacers (5)
Boston Celtics (2) – Milwaukee Bucks (7)
Philadelphia 76ers (3) – Miami Heat (6)

There were things at stake yesterday, but nothing that concerned which teams entered the playoffs, although some of the final positions. For example, the third place remained to be defined. If the 76ers won the Bucks they would keep it. And so it was (130-95). The Cavaliers, who played against the Knicks, soon learned that Philadelphia was sweeping Milwaukee and they let go because the victory was no good at all.

Other positions that remained to be defined were the sixth, seventh and eighth, to be shared between Heat, Bucks and Wizards. Of the three, only won the first, to Toronto, in overtime (116-109). The Bucks fell in the cited match against Phila and Washington, without John Wall, gave in Orlando (101-92). Toronto, Boston and Indiana, who did not play on Wednesday, had their first, second and fifth places insured, respectively. The playoffs begin this Saturday April 14, with the advantage of a track in the East for the first four classified.

Toronto, first time leader of the East

It is the first time that the Raptors finish the Regular Season as leaders of the East. In addition, they have signed their fifth title of the Atlantic Division and the record of victories in a campaign of the Canadian franchise, with 59. The previous best record was of 2016, when they obtained 56 victories and reached the Finals of the East. Miami, Southeast and Cleveland, Central, the other winners of the divisions in the East.

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