NBA Playoffs – The Western Conference Matchups And More

It was necessary to wait for the last game of the season to know the order of two teams and that the playoff qualifiers of the Western Conference were defined. Utah lost in its visit to Portland by 102 to 93, reason why the Blazers fulfilled its part of the plan being third of the conference and those of Salt Lake City fell to fifth place.

The following teams have been classified, in order from first to eighth: Houston (65-17), Golden State (58-24), Portland (49-33), Oklahoma City (48-34), Utah (48-34). ), New Orleans (48-34), San Antonio (47-35) and Minnesota (47-35). Denver (46-36) stayed out in the last breath.

2018 NBA Playoffs at the Western Conference

Houston Rockets (1) – Minnesota Timberwolves (8)
Oklahoma City Thunder (4) – Utah Jazz (5)
Golden State Warriors (2) – San Antonio Spurs (7)
Portland Trail Blazers (3) – New Orleans Pelicans (6)

On the last day all the positions from the 3rd to the 9th were defined in several direct confrontations. The most dramatic and important of them all, the one that faced Wolves and Nuggets in Minnesota that needed an extension and that gave the losing team, Denver, eliminated from the competition. The Wolves broke their playoff drought by qualifying as eighth.

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At that same time New Orleans clearly handled San Antonio, relegating the Spurs to a complicated seventh place that nobody wanted to guarantee a confrontation in the first round with the current champions, the Warriors. Oklahoma City met forecasts by winning against Memphis Grizzlies and making sure not to fall beyond the sixth position, pending the result in Portland, last game of the night.

And in Oregon it was where the Trail Blazers put the icing on their magnificent year assuring the Northwest division title – the only one left unsettled – the third position in the West and leaving the Jazz with no field advantage to face the Thunder of Russell Westbrook.

The playoffs begin this Saturday April 14, with field advantage for the first four classified of each conference. The playoff matches of the Eastern Conference can be found here.

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