The 76ers Score 130 Points And Destroy The Miami Heat In Their Playoffs Debut

◼️ JJ Redick commanded Philly’s offense with 28 points

JJ Redick uncovered with 28 points and Marco Belinelli contributed another 25 for the Philadelphia 76ers to take the first win in the NBA Playoffs 2018 series in a crushing 130-103 over the Miami Heat.

Wells Fargo Center returned to postseason after a prolonged drought and it did not matter the loss due to injury of Joel Embiid, one of the nascent figures, for the Sixers to take the first win of the series to pocket.

Redick uncovered with 28 points plus two rebounds and an assist to lead a victory that would not be so shocking if not for the work in the painting of Ersan Ilyasova, who was left with 14 rebounds, in addition to Ben Simmons, who collaborated with 14 assists.

Belinelli also had an inspired night, because in addition to his 25 units, he got two rebounds and gave two assists.

On the Miami side, Kelly Olynyk was the highlight with 26 baskets, seven rebounds and two assists.

The Sixers added their seventeenth victory in a row. Next Monday at 7:00 pm in Mexico, the second game of the series will be played, which will later move to Miami, where it will resume on Thursday.

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