Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Off That His Son Was Chosen As Top Scorer Of His School And That He’ll Be Just Like Him

Cristiano Ronaldo is always showing off his beautiful family, and especially his older son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., 7 years old, who was conceived through a hired womb. And this time, the proud father shared a photograph of the little boy carrying a glass and wearing a medal, which he obtained by being noted for his football skills.

“Cristiano was the best score of his school … congratulations my son”, said the Real Madrid star, about the photo he shared on his Instagram account, where the child shows off his achievements next to his grandmother, and that in a matter of hours exceeded 5 million “likes”.

Later, the mother of the Portuguese player, Dolores Aveiro, joined in the congratulations for the boy and not only defined his grandson as a phenomenon with the ball, but stressed that he carries the football heritage in his veins. “Another crack in the family. Son of a fish can swim”, said the proud grandmother.

And not to mention the reaction of the faithful fans and admirers of Cristiano Ronaldo father, who said that with total security, in a few years the child will be as great in football as his dad, something that the winner of the Golden Ball himself has boasted on several occasions

Recently the player even shared a picture in which his little one makes a pose trying to show muscles, about which Cristiano said: “Junior told me: ‘Daddy, I’m going to be like you.”

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