Kevin Durant And The Golden State Warriors Defeat The Spurs In Game 2

◼️ Another incredible performance by Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson And Iguadola to give the Warriors a 2 game lead heading to San Antonio.

Kevin Durant had 32 points, Klay had 31, Iguadola 14 and you could hardly notice Curry was absent from the game, that is until the second half of course. For those who criticized KD not being able to carry this team, he just showed again that he’s up to the challenge.

In the first half the San Antonio Spurs had the momentum, making good rotations and miss-matches to leave LaMarcus Aldridge open to make old school post moves and score 34 points. This time Popovich studied the Warrior’s defense in order to open up spaces and take advantage of each player in his roster.

After the half-time, something clicked with the Golden State franchise, you think it would be the manager’s job to get them back in focus and ready to step back in court aggressively and execute the game plan. That’s exactly what happened and the Warriors bounced back to win in a difficult game 2 and fly to San Antonio with a comfortable 2 game lead.

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