VIDEO: American Tennis Player Was About To Attack A Judge In Monte Carlo

A long time had passed since the world of tennis witnessed the aggressive response of a player against a judge. The Montecarlo Master 1000 has been the event chosen by the American, Jared Donaldson to aggressively challenge the chairman, Arnaud Gabas. Donaldson occupies the 51st place in the ATP world ranking and in the First Round he faced the Spaniard Albert Ramos-Vinolas.

Everything began after a serve of the Spanish during the second set, Donaldson considered it outside, but the judge determined it as good. The umpire got out of the chair to certify his decision and concluded that the serve had been good, this caused the uncontrolled anger of the Rhode Island tennis player. “Here’s the mark”, Donaldson repeated over and over again, but the chair umpire did not change his mind. It seemed that the boy was going to hit the judge at any time.

Donaldson, 21, asked for the criteria of a supervisor and when Gabas said he had been aggressive, the world #51 replied sarcastically: “Oh, I’m sorry, I hurt your feelings. I apologize. “

What do you think, beyond the obvious lack of respect of Donaldson. Was the serve good or not? Will we have a new John McEnroe in the 21st century?

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