Kyrie Irving’s Message That Motivated The Boston Celtics Prior To Game 2

Seeing the show from the stands has to be really hard for a player as competitive as Kyrie Irving. The Celtics are in full battle mode of the first round with the Bucks and, although he would prefer to be next to his teammates, the base has taken out one of the great weapons that counts: motivation with words.

Irving sent a group text message before game number two of the series, and the content of it served so that the Celtics squad charged the batteries and enter with that extra motivation to the court. And the result of Irving’s strategy came out to pay off.

“[Irving] sent us a message before today’s game. He told us what we should expect. We have many players in our ranks who have never lived a playoff game. So he has given us some words as a tip. We have all read it and we have been commenting on it. He had an open conversation with us, and the truth is that, now that he’s off the courts, he continues to help us”, said Shane Larking on ESPN, who has had to assume a greater role in the management of the team since Irving’s injury.

In the same line of words Al Horford said that: “Kyrie wrote us before the game. He told us what we should expect from the crash, they were a lot of things. It was about staying together and not worrying if there was any adversity during the game, so we could overcome it. I think our players have managed to do it. Your message has meant a lot. It is difficult for us not to have him here, but he is trying to find a way to contribute. It’s good to have him there. “

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