Manu Ginobili Is Asked For One More Year In San Antonio (Uno Mas)

Recently, a large billboard poster appeared in San Antonio, similar to the ones on General Paz Avenue, certainly very striking. “Uno Mas Manu”, begs the message with the partial image of a ring, something disconcerting for those who don’t follow the NBA.

But in the city of Alamo everyone knows who Manu is and the vast majority must understand the “one more”: they want me to continue playing, another season. After this Wednesday’s practice, the journalists asked Ginóbili for the billboard on the public highway, but the Spurs escort was not aware. “I don’t know why ‘one more”, he said. He had an unexpected exit.

“What’s wrong, I was thinking about signing a five-year contract, and now they’re throwing me down, very disappointing”, the Argentine replied, as quick for the occurrences as to handle the ball on the court.

Much more serious, before the second meeting of the series with Golden State, which is 2-0 for Warriors and will continue this Thursday in Texas (22.30 in Buenos Aires), Ginóbili had commented about his future: “As I did in the last two or three seasons, I’ll sit down, relax, and after two or three months I’ll see if I feel retired or not, don’t wait for me to decide before, maybe, July. “ That month, on the 28th, he will turn 41 years old. It’s worth remembering that the Bahiense is linked to the franchise for another season, 2018/2019, but that does not imply at all that he will remain on the team.

And who put the big billboard sign, near the intersection of Interstate 35 and New Braunfels Avenue? George Salinas, a lawyer dedicated to injury cases, highly publicized activity in the United States. But your public message has no signature. “Nobody wants to see him go, we’ve seen that he still has fuel in the tank”, Salinas was quoted as saying by the San Antonio Express newspaper. His goal is to make a gesture that he remembers, before it’s too late – maybe the Argentine is in his last two games in his career – Manu’s contributions, worthy of the NBA Hall of Fame.

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