Sweden’s Goalkeeper Says They Don’t Need Zlatan

◼️ While the striker wants to join the national team, Johnsson says they are fine without him.

Sweden will play a World Cup after 12 years of absence and although Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been the most representative player in the country in recent years, his chance to finally play the competition is increasingly distant.

Although the technician Janne Andersson doesn’t close the possibility, he recognizes that the new scheme no longer considers it. The same opinion of the goalkeeper, Karl-Johan Johnsson, when questioned by the confidence of the attacker to join the team whenever.

“It’s the coach who will decide, but we qualified without Zlatan, and if he came back, he would change all our tactics, as a team, we play as a collective, all together, and Zlatan is an individualist, as a player and as a person”, he said.

The growing success of Zlatan in Major League Soccer has put him on the map to return from retirement and his statements have been optimistic, but not all agree very much.

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