The Jabari Parker “Frustration”: He Wants To Play More Minutes

The series between the Celtics and the Bucks has become somewhat ugly for the Milwaukee after the 0-2 down they have accumulated in the first two games. Within the team they study what they must do to overcome the boys of Brad Stevens and, in that analysis, each one draws their own conclusions.

In the case of Jabari Parker, who has not had a role too prominent in these two games, the personal bet comes from increasing the number of minutes played to try to improve those discreet numbers that add up to date.

The player of the Bucks, who has limited minutes to protect his physical condition, admitted yesterday in statements collected by WISN12News that he felt “frustration. I’m human. I’ve been waiting two years for this. I will not be able to handle it well, I have feelings. I’ve been waiting all this time and see this restriction … I don’t think anyone can handle this in a perfect way. “

If we stick to the statistics, Parker, who returned to the courts last February, has played 31 games this season. In that total, he has added 24 minutes per game, accumulating 12.6 points, 4.9 rebounds and 1.9 assists. If only we stick to the series against Boston, we see how Parker, in 25 minutes, has had a 1 of 7 in pitches and has added more losses than assists, which has given him a rating of -29 when he was on track.

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