Philadelphia Comes Through In Miami And Leads 3-1 In The Series

Miami could not take advantage of the home court factor in the fourth game of the series and fell by 102 to 106 against Philadelphia in the game played during Saturday’s game in the NBA. The 76ers prevailed in a rough and disputed game that was not resolved until the final seconds and thanks to this result they place the 3-1 in the series.

As has been the tradition in this tie, the Heat controlled the score in the first half, but again they were unable to keep pace in the second half and Philadelphia came back. Significant is that each and every one of the eight rooms that have been disputed in the second parts of the four games of the series have been favorable to the 76ers.

A Playoff Game

It’s a truism, but Miami and Philadelphia offered a typical playoff clash. Alternatives on the scoreboard, numerous fouls and disputes, techniques and even a player, Justise Winslow, needed stitches in the eyebrow to be able to continue on the court. And of course, the appearance at certain moments of several secondary ones like Ersan Ilyasova that helped to build the narrative of the night.

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