Lebron And Korver Take Care Of Game 4 And Tie The Series 2-2 Heading To Cleveland

◼️ The King had another rough game trying to involve his teammates more in the game and having a memorable performance against a defensive Indiana team.

The Cleveland Cavaliers went to Indiana in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference playoffs and against all odds, with a dramatic and controversial ending they won the game 100-104, and tie the series heading into Cleveland. Korver had an incredible 4th quarter and helped Lebron to get more open shots by attracting the defense.

The Controversial Moment

At the end of the game, Cavs up by 3 with about 10 seconds left, there was a play in which Stephenson and Green fought for the ball and it was going to be either a foul or a jump ball and it was a foul at the end in favor of the Cavs. Indiana fans are not happy about it and the reactions are very mixed amongst fans.

In the end the call was not that far out or crazy, the refs saw a fould and some people agree some people don’t. The Cavs are heading home with a tied series and now it’s either The King and the Ohio crowd or Stephenson and the Indiana hustle. We shall see.

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