Dani Alves: “I Would Fly Back To Barcelona Tomorrow If They Call Me”

◼️ The Brazilian side of PSG believes that the Camp Nou is like his home and confessed that he was hurt: “I gave them a great result and they didn’t respect my history”.

Dani Alves, the Brazilian side of Paris Saint-Germain and ex-football player from Barcelona, ​​stressed that the Camp Nou “is his home” and that he would “return” to the Catalan squad “tomorrow” if they called him.

Barça is my house. It is impossible to say that I wouldn’t return, I would go back to Barça tomorrow if they call me. If I say I didn’t get hurt, I would be lying. I got hurt, because I think I fought a lot to build a great history in Barça and to give an unexpected result even for the club itself. And I left with 23 titles in 8 years“, Alves told Globo TV.

“I ended up giving them great results and they finished without respecting my history. So much so, that later they wanted me to have a goodbye tribute and I said no, because for me that will be my eternal home, so when you consider a place to be your home, you don’t have to say goodbye. How are you going to get fired if you’re going to come back?”, Remarked the player, who was in Barcelona from 2008 to 2016.

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