Messi Is Once Again The Best Paid Football Player In The World

He is 30 years old, he continues to break with Barcelona, he doesn’t lower his level of play and he continues to cash the checks to Lio Messi, who is already the best paid again after overcoming what Cristiano Ronaldo accumulated in the last 12 months.

Messi is pocketed nothing more than 126 million euros per year, or in US dollars is something like this number: 153,803,916.00. No one in history has ever exceeded 100 million in profits in a single period, so Messi continues to break records in football and banks.

In the year the ‘Pulga’ has 40 goals in 50 games played with him Barcelona, with whom he will win the League and last Saturday he was crowned in the Copa del Rey by putting a ‘humiliation’ to Sevilla. The report is given the same day in Messi silenced the Santiago Bernabéu with a mythical celebration.

For his part, Cristiano bagged 94 mde according to the magazine France Football, who tomorrow will bring to light the full ranking of the players who pocket more dollars a year.

With everything and tantrums, in addition that Neymar might not continue with the PSG, the forward charges 81.5 million for the juicy contract that gave the Arab sheikhs owners of the Parisian team to the Brazilian star. ‘Ney’ has not returned to French lands and most likely will not return until after the 2018 World Cup.

Another that also becomes real millionaire is Welshman Gareth Bale, with 44 million and just step on the field, is the fourth most wins in the world. The merengue could also leave the team in the summer due to its low performance.

The Spanish center of Barcelona, Gerard Piqué, who received 29 million is the fifth player who earns the most, and of course, he’s a key player and even more with the exit of Iniesta from the culé team to go to play in China.

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