Ilyasova Expects A Great Atmosphere In Boston: “In Miami The Stadium Was Half Empty”

The people of Miami are famous for taking that of the NBA games with ease. If you have seen a game of the Heat on television or have come to live at the American/Airlines Arena, have been able to verify that filling the flag, attend the time or stay the whole game is not something that is the label of presentation of the Miami fans.

As the ultimate expression of how far this behavior has come, we have Game 6 of the 2013 Finals between the Heat and the Spurs. It was Ray Allen’s miraculous 3-pter that sent the match to overtime for a Heat that were 3-2 down in the series and that of losing that duel they would have lost the ring. Allen holed a legendary triple with 5 seconds left to tie the game 95-95. Then in extra time Miami won, forced the seventh game and took the championship.

Well, there were few fans who missed triple Allen, thinking that with a possession and 92-95 against everything was lost.

Ilyasova And The Stadium Half Empty

Five years later, it doesn’t seem to have changed much the trend of the people of Miami, or at least a good part of it. “In Miami, the stadium was half empty”, he said on Sunday for ESPN¸ in the semifinals preview of the East between the Celtics and 76ers Ersan Ilyasova that begin this Monday.

The 76ers eliminated the Heat in the first round of the East and the Turk had the feeling that there was not a great atmosphere in Florida, something he knows will be different in Boston. The 76ers have the court factor against and will start the tie in the TD Garden. “When you go to Boston, you feel it. Even in the Regular Season, when you play against that team, the stadium is full and they are really committed fans. It’s always difficult to play there, it’s always full. We have to leave with a lot of energy.

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