Utah Jazz: A Week Without Ricky Rubio

◼️ The Utah Jazz will have to beat the odds against the Houston Rockets without Ricky Rubio, who could miss three more games because of his injury.

Ricky Rubio was coming out of the last meeting between Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder with discomfort in his hamstrings, which will make him miss several meetings in the semifinal round of conference against Houston Rockets.

The Spanish base of the Salt Lake, which was being one of the vital pieces of the Jazz averaging 14 points per game in these Playoffs, has fallen into an injury that will keep him off the field for one or two weeks, which can be translate in which he loses the 3 or 4 first encounters against Houston, something that doesn’t help the Utah franchise, which had already given the surprise after winning 4-2 in the series against the feared Oklahoma City Thunder and that is believed to be the same first and foremost candidates for the ring as the Houston Rockets, always safeguarded by his trident formed by Chris Paul, James Harden and Clint Capela, and of course, men like Eric Gordon or PJ Tucker, who work in the shadows.

Even so, Utah Jazz has one of the best players in these Playoffs among its ranks, a man who is in his season of ‘rookie’ but not apparent by his great leadership and self-confidence, and is that the name of Donovan Mitchell has caused havoc in Oklahoma, and intends to do the same with Houston, where he has already shown flashes of quality and intense rivalry with Westbrook:

The Salt Lake have already shown that they have the potential to be one of the leading teams in the league, now they have a major challenge in which we will see if this franchise can reach the top even suffering injuries in their ranks as that of Ricky Rubio.

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