The Celtics Win Game 1 Against The 76ers

The most repeated duel in the history of the NBA playoffs was tonight their twentieth matchup. Up to twenty times the Celtics and the 76ers have seen each other in qualifying for the ring if we count these East semifinals. And the historical tendency of triumphs of the Celtics (12) continued, when putting the first stone way towards the End of the East.

Clear triumph of Boston over Philadelphia (117-101) cemented by the trio Jayson Tatum, 28 points, Al Horford, 26 points, and Terry Rozier, 29 points. For Tatum, rookie numbers that were not seen in the Celtics since it was, almost 40 years ago, one dude called Larry Bird.

With those wicks, it was very difficult for Boston to give up the initiative. Philadelphia only had a maximum advantage of 4 points, while the Celtics began to take off after the first quarter. From there and after an initial 25-22, those of Brad Stevens, courageous and brave, scored a partial of 16-4 in the second quarter, which began to give interesting advantages to the locals. The first half ended with 56-45 for Boston and Marcus Smart and a few final seconds where all the punches seemed to go to his delicate thumb.

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