LeBron James Makes Millions Thanks To Liverpool FC Going To The Champions League Final

◼️ LeBron James bought two percent of Liverpool in 2011 and his investment has grown in line with the club’s value, estimated today at $ 490 million.

While in the middle of the postseason with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James celebrates Liverpool’s move to the Champions League Final, because seven years ago the NBA player bought a percentage of the Merseyside club and has seen his investment grown during this time.

In April 2011, LeBron acquired two percent of Liverpool shares when its marketing company LRMR signed an agreement with Fenway Sports Partners, owners of the Boston Red Sox and who bought the Premier League club for 477 million dollars in October 2010.

According to information from ESPN, James paid 6.5 million dollars for his part of the team, which since then has increased its value to one thousand 490 million dollars, according to the latest Forbes ranking. In addition, experts say that the club could sell in a thousand 600 million dollars currently, ie, the investment of the basketball player grew from 6.5 to 32 million dollars in seven years.

By qualifying for the Champions League Final, Liverpool ensures extra winnings of close to 100 million dollars, a cash inflow that will also be reflected in LeBron James’ investment.

Liverpool is only a portion of the business of LeBron James, which in addition to its marketing firm, has a production company and collaborated with the Beats by Dre brand of hearing aids. When that latter was sold to Apple, it returned $ 30 million. Also, its agreement with Nike is for life and would amount to one billion dollars.

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