The NBA Warns Drake

The first game of the conference semifinal between Toronto Raptors and Clevelan Cavaliers was lived with a special flavor. After two consecutive eliminations at the hands of LeBron James, the Canadians felt that this was their moment, a thought that The King would end up denying them. But beyond what was seen on the track, the encounter took an unexpected turn when that tension was transferred to the stands, exactly to the area where Drake matches usually follow.

According to Kendrick Perkins, who starred with Drake a heated discussion at the break of the game, the latter went uninvited in a conversation he had with his friend Serge Ibaka. So turned on was Drake that according to Toronto Star he quoted the now assistant of the Ohioans to see their faces outside the pavilion. That didn’t happen, but the NBA took notice and ended up giving the musician a notice, according to USA Today.

It is unclear what the warning consisted of or whether the Raptors, who have also dealt with the incident with Drake, have imposed some kind of punishment. The only sure thing is that the League had to do something, since Drake has violated the code of good behavior that must be ruled by fans. According to these norms, no spectator can disturb the game in any way, either with inappropriate gestures or language, or fight, throw objects or enter the field; Moreover, anyone who commits one of these last actions should be expelled.

Drake saw the whole game and tonight is sure to be back in his seat following the clash between Raptors and Cavs. That is the reality, but it doesn’t hurt that the NBA put a stop to a confrontation that should never have occurred and that doesn’t leave the competition in good standing.

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