Is LeBron’s Style Of Play Changing?

It has always been said that LeBron James wants to be surrounded by shooters. His ideal mental scheme, and the one that best comes on track, has been defined with him in command and the other players open. Well, that’s just what could be changing now.

Don’t start to thing that it is not about affirming what we think is best for him, but understanding what he wants. He’s 33 years old with 15 of them playing at the highest level in the NBA, and almost always suffering the wear and tear not only of being the lead scorer, but also directing and even defending – remember that block to Andre Iguodala. With that signed path, Chris Broussard of FS1 assures that The King would be considering taking a lateral step.

According to a source of the aforementioned journalist, LeBron would be interested in playing away from the ball, something that would happen right in Philadelphia. James, accustomed to playmaker, would leave that weight to another teammate, in this case Ben Simmons, to diminish the occasions in which he starts the game. And all this based on the belief that James has assumed that role over the years because he didn’t have a game creator on his teams, and not because he really wanted it to be that way.

It’s hard to imagine. If there is something that LeBron has grown with over time it is in his reading of the game; so much so that it no longer only gives assists, but among them, we find passes that would have been impossible to intuit for example 10 years ago. And it’s no longer that he gives those basket passes, but he does so with a frightening regularity. It is no longer worth to make a two against one or to float, it only serves you to be lucky and wish he has a bad day.

A Born Leader

LeBron is one of those few players whose personality and talent go in unison so that their role in a team can only be that of a leader. And as such, with the weight of who should direct and define, having him in a corner or making a cut to receive under basket sounds more except for rule. That you want to delegate some responsibility may be, but the background will never be ready to frame you.

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