Boston Defeated Philadelphia And Got A Ticket To The Eastern Conference Finals

◼️ In an electrifying finale, the Celtics defeated the Sixers 114-112, settled the series and now goes to Cleveland.

A game for the ages. One of those games that revalue the NBA Playoffs, one of the most attractive sports instances at the show level, and also at the game level. Boston defeated Philadelphia 114-112, finished the series 4-1 and went into the Eastern Conference finals.

The Celtics were winning most of the game, but in the last quarter, the Sixers reacted and even came to the front thanks to the great task of Joel Embiid (27 points and 12 rebounds) vital to put into play the visit.

But when the potatoes burned, the one that appeared was the important man in Boston. Without Kyrie Irving, the undisputed leader of Brad Stevens is Al Horford. The Dominican, who defended the entire series very well to Embiid, put four points in a row at a hot moment and brought the locals afloat, who could not find their way to the basket. Another one who took his chest for the Celtics was rookie Jayson Tatum, who finished with 25 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists.

The closure was for the heart attack. With Boston up by two, Embiid attacked the basket but could not with the good defense of Baynes, who stood firm. Rozier from the free line increased the distance to four but Redick, with an amazing three-pointer, shrunk to one with 3.6 seconds. Phila sent Smart to the line with 2.4 on the clock. The Boston base missed the first, made the second and the Sixers, with no timeouts, they had no choice but to swing a divided ball towards the opposite ring to see if any of blue took it to make a quick shot.

None of this happened, Smart took the ball and the game ended. It was 114-112 for those led by Stevens, who showed again that they know how to close the games. Now, the rival will be none other than the Cleveland Cavaliers, with a LeBron James on a superlative level. Can the Celtics surprise the Cavs?

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