◼️ Stephen Curry recalls the role played by Chris Paul in his summer before his debut in the NBA.

Stephen Curry recalled in a conversation with ESPN his past in common with Chris Paul: in the summer of 2009, after being drafted in the seventh pick by Golden State, the Warriors base trained with the Rockets’ superstar, and now they will be rivals in the Conference Finals.

Paul was born in North Carolina and played his college career at Wake Forest, also in the area. Curry was born in Akron, but grew up in Charlotte and played in Davidson, also there.

“He showed me first-hand what it takes to be very good in this league. It was a good way to open my eyes. Train with him, compete against him and get that confidence he had in my rookie year to start on the right foot. “

ESPN has taken advantage of Curry’s statements to recover what Chris Paul said in his day about training with that rookie:

“I’ve only told him to be aggressive, as aggressive as he can be. And then, like when you’re a rookie you’re not sure if you’re going to be a starter, I’ve told him to watch, to learn. The best thing you can do when you arrive as a newbie is to watch. Watch basketball. And when your team is not playing, go play for another team, because that’s how you learn. “

The Warriors and the Rockets will face each other in the Western Finals starting next Monday. For Curry, it will be the fourth Conference Finals in a row and for Paul, the first of his career.

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