◼️ ‘Sir Charles’ has it clear: anyone who thinks Houston will win the Conference Finals is very wrong. Moreover, they are going to lose 4-0.

The Western Conference Finals are an all-time duel between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, although for Charles Barkley the current champions are unrivaled. The current television analyst is clear that those from Oakland Bay will win the tie easily, in fact, he speaks of a 4-0 as the most resounding outcome.

“Anyone who thinks the Rockets are going to win a game or the series is an idiot,” said Charles Barkley after the first game of the tie. “You have just watched this game. The Rockets can’t beat them. I say the Warriors are going to win in five games … no, [the Rockets] are not going to win a game. I said the Warriors in five [games], but now I say the Warriors in three. “

Obviously to go to the 2018 Finals the Warriors, and any team, must win four games, but Barkley sees them so dominant that he takes it for granted that with three wins is enough. In one way or another, and jokes aside, the current champions are already 1-0 in the series and will face the Rockets in Houston tomorrow night for Game 2.

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