The Rockets Tied The Western Series Against The Warriors

◼️ James Harden guided Houston to a 127-105 victory over Golden State. The definition of the Western Conference is 1-1.

The Houston Rockets equaled Wednesday’s final Western Conference series with a 127-105 win in the second game against the Golden State Warriors.

Houston outscored the two-time defending NBA champion in every quarter, even with a 14-point lead after the break. The Warriors tried to react in the third quarter, but the Rockets eliminated the threat in the last stretch of the game.

The Rockets, who had problems in the first game of the series, this time showed a solid defense. If Houston can continue to lock Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, they could end the reign of Golden State in the West.

Warriors forward Kevin Durant scored 38 points while wasting 13 of 22 from the field. Durant helped the Warriors shake off in the third quarter, but the rest of the Golden State star-studded lineup did not appear. Thompson just scored just eight points in three of 11 shots.

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