VIDEO: David Villa Meets Juanes And Reaffirm That They Are Twins

For many years, the followers of the Spanish soccer player David Villa and the singer Juanes have affirmed that they seem to have been separated at birth, due to the enormous resemblance they have.

And trying to see face to face if the comments of his faithful fans were accurate, the player attended the concert that the performer of “La Camisa Negra” offered a couple of weeks ago in the famous Madison Square Garden in New York and met in person to the Colombian

The Iberian wanted to record the moment and shared the video on YouTube, which shows the conversation they both had about the physical resemblance.

“They tell me a lot that I look like him, so we are going to take a picture to put it on people and say to see if we look like it or not,” said Juanes, to which “El Guaje”, with a huge smile, replied: “yes, yes … they tell me the same thing”.

Then the singer got close to the Spaniard and took a couple of “selfies” that they then shared on social networks, with a poll on the alleged similarity, which in the end left as a result that 79% of the fans said yes, while 21% said no. The most impressed even said that they look like twins and that the one is the stunt double of the other.

During his fleeting encounter, Villa gave Juanes some sports shoes and a cap, and the Colombian autographed him a soccer ball.

Villa also confessed that since 2004, when he attended a Juanes concert for the first time, he was eager to meet him.

Watch the video and photos and tell us if you think Villa is Juanes’ double or if the people who say it need to wear glasses immediately.

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