JJ Watt Will Pay The Funerals Of Santa Fe School Shooting Vicitims

◼︎ 10 people lost their lives after a shootout at Santa Fe High School.

When everything seems lost, men like JJ Watt give people a little hope. The Houston Texans defender, known for his altruistic nature, now said he will pay for the funeral services of all victims of the recent shooting at Santa Fe High School.

The Walter Payton trophy winner of the NFL Man of the Year after his contribution to the Houston community after Hurricane Harvey, announced that he will help the families of the 10 victims in this way.

The Houston Texans confirmed Friday night that their stellar defensive end will pay for the funerals of all the victims of the tragedy.

Thus, while Santa Fe, Texas, mourns 10 lives lost in a school shooting, a prominent member of the Houston area community gives a new sign that there are still generous hearts in the world.

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