A Google Error Placed Shaquille O’Neal As An N’Sync Member

We all know the artistic side of Shaquille O’Neal outside of basketball. By far, he is the most famous basketball player in front of a microphone, thanks to his 5 albums (one of platinum and another of gold) and his 4 hits that were part of the Top 100 of the Billboard list of the United States. Of course, always as a rapper. However, we may have missed his talent in the pop category. At least that’s what Google hinted, which placed Shaq as a member of the former N’Sync band, replacing Joey Fatone.

Of course it was an error that users turned viral and that made the former band leader and now soloist, Justin Timberlake, echo the news. So did TNT, the network that the former center is working on, referring to a joke that took place in the studio between Charles Barkley and the former Lakers player.

As expected, the error lasted just a while, so if you try to ‘google’ the members of the renowned ex-pop band, you will see the face of Fatone again.

Although he hasn’t published anything on his social networks, Shaquille will surely be preparing something funny about it.

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