LeBron James On His Speed Stat: “The Dumbest Bullshit I’ve Ever Heard”

◼️ LeBron James, annoyed with an unfavorable advanced statistics statistic towards him.

After the 4th game of the Eastern Conference finals, in which LeBron James was superb with 44 points, the ’23’ noticed a statistic published in an article by Jason Lloyd, one of the journalists who follow the news of Cleveland Cavaliers, in The Athletic. It highlights that the NBA has created a new method of statistical tracking to analyze all the movements of each player and that, according to this, LeBron James was the slowest player of those who’re playing the Celtics-Cavaliers series.

By letting him know, LeBron James answered the following:

“It’s the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard. The slowest guy? Come on, man”

“That ‘tracking’ crap can kiss my ass”

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