VIDEO: Draymond Green Called A Timeout That The Referees Ignored

◼️ Steve Kerr, the Warriors coach, confirmed that his player requested timeout on his team’s last play, but the referees didn’t see him.

The victory of the Houston Rockets over the Golden State Warriors was not without controversy. According to several players and coach Steve Kerr himself, Draymond Green asked the referees for a timeout in the absence of 4 seconds and the referees did not see him.

Everything happened in the final moments of the crash when James Harden failed and Green captured the rebound with thirteen seconds in the clock. As of that moment, the Warriors elaborated a play that didn’t end well and practically ended their chances of an easy series victory. Something that could have been avoided having requested a time-out that never came. “I wanted to ask for a time-out. Draymond [Green] tried to ask for four seconds. But the referees were not looking. Honestly, I expected they wouldn’t give it to us,” Steve Kerr said after the match.

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