Kobe Bryant Gives His Take On The Lebron-Jordan Debate

Tired of the eternal, hammering and adolescent sectarian dichotomy, of the obligation to position oneself, of the need to demean, even trample, one to praise the other, Kobe Bryant has expressed, in a handful of characters, the opinion that he deserves. A debate, (increasingly legitimate, on the other hand, for things like last night) between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Who is better

After Game 7, sealed the feat, another notch in the belt of the Finals played by James (and they are nine), Kobe Bryant cataloged his performance with a simple hashtag: #lebranium (decipher it).

Then, and product of the warming Twitter of many idle fans and not exactly touched by the wand of the dialectic, La Mamba intervened.

Before closing it was another hater assault to solve. Sportsnet journalist, Michael Grange, hinted at that three hashtags written by Kobe, criticizing him for including himself, in a subtle way, in the Jordan-LeBron debate, specifying, in a later tweet, that in front of Kobe we should talk about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (six rings) or Tim Duncan (five).

Kobe’s response didn’t wait.

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