Chris Paul Is Already Trying To Convince LeBron To Play In Houston

◼️ Chris Paul expects his friend LeBron James to join the Rockets next season.

Chris Paul, as when it happened to the Warriors (in 2016 after losing at home against the Cavs), wants more. He saw the importunity to defeat their western rival and wants to fix it for next year. Darryl Morey, general manager of Houston, has confirmed that “he stays 100%” despite being a free agent without restrictions, and the base begins to move threads to recruit another star.

The icing would be, logically, his friend LeBron James. And he has begun to ask him to sign for the Rockets, as Marc Stein (The New York Times) reports: “The Rockets are devastated and Chris Paul has started the recruitment with James.”

For this, they would need to make several changes because the Rockets don’t have the necessary salary space. Trevor Ariza and Clint Capela are, along with Paul, the other important free agents of the team this coming summer. James is also, but his quote is very high. Again Ryan Anderson’s high contract will be on the table if there is a minimal chance of performing the operation.

LeBron James can automatically renew if he wants for $ 35.6 million with Cleveland.

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