Was This The Worst Playoff Night For Stephen Curry?

After the second game of the NBA Finals of 2018, it seemed that there was a player who topped the list of favorites to the MVP of the series and would win for the first time in his career. Stephen Curry had just set a new record of triples in a game of the NBA Finals and was nominated as the great protagonist of the tie. Three days and one game later, everything has changed.

Stephen Curry disputed this Wednesday what was probably his worst playoff game, at least in terms of efficiency in the shot is concerned. The Golden State base stayed at a discrete 11 points after scoring just 3 of the 16 shots he tried, including a dramatic 1 of 10 of 3-pointers. Both stats represent the worst percentage of success in Curry’s career in the playoffs.

Final Decisive Minutes

While it is true that the numbers of Curry are not worthy of their level, to his credit must be recorded that the MVP in 2015 and 2016 greatly improved their performance at the decisive moments of the third game and was key in the result of the same. Curry scored 7 points and delivered an assist in the last 3 minutes of the game, including 5 consecutive points that served the Warriors to turn the score of 97-96 to 97-101.

Other Games Best Not To Remember

In Stephen Curry’s history, there are some other playoff games in which he fell far short of expectations. In 2013 he was only able to score 9 points in 35 minutes in the sixth game of the series against San Antonio Spurs, which the Warriors lost.

Already in the spring of 2016, a period that Curry doesn’t have a good memory for having been in which there was an injury that ended up weighing him down to the NBA Finals that lost 4-3 to Cleveland, the base had three forgettable nights:

Against Houston Game 4: 6 points in 19 minutes, 2/9 (injured).

Against Cleveland Game 1: 11 points in 36 minutes, 4/15.

Against Cleveland Game 7: 17 points in 39 minutes, 6/19.

We will have to see how the series develops this year and if Curry is able to return to the scoring path in the fourth game.

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