Kevin Durant Wants To Continue Playing For The Warriors … And Sweep The Cavs

◼️ Kevin Durant intends to renew this summer with the Warriors.

Kevin Durant has assured in an interview with ESPN that he wants to continue in the Warriors. KD has one more year of an optional contract and everything indicates that he will resign a longer agreement. “My plans are to stay with the Warriors. The rest will be solved,” said Durant, who said that everything else is “small details “.

Last summer Kevin Durant gave up almost $ 10 million to make it easier for the Warriors to renew Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. With these contracts already signed, it’s possible that this year its price will adjust to its market value: it could sign up to 158 million for four seasons.

Durant, great hero of the third game of the NBA Finals, confessed in that same interview that he wants to sweep the Cavs. Last season, the Warriors also started 3-0 Finals, but in the fourth game, they suffered their only loss of all the playoffs. This year, KD wants 4-0: “It would be perfect. And hopefully doing our best game of the season “

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