Things You Shouldn’t Eat After Running

◼️ What we eat immediately after training is key to our well-being. 

What we eat immediately after training is key to achieving a correct recovery, and it depends on how well you feel the next day and that the training is worthwhile. We have spoken before about the nutrients our body needs after an exercise session, now we will tell you what to avoid.

1. Foods rich in fiber. As soon as the training ends, the muscle opens the window to receive nutrients and recover. The faster the sugar reaches the muscle, the better the recovery. If we eat a fiber bar, it will cost our bodies more work to get to the sugar and it will take longer to recover energy. So it’s the best time of the day to eat simple carbohydrates, such as: fruits, cookies, honey, jam, white bread, amaranth and cereal bars. Do not be afraid because they will not make you fat, on the contrary, they will help you recover the glycogen lost during exercise and they will prevent you from having attacks after eating sweet things.

2. Alcohol. Although many after running they crave a beer, especially in these hot times, is not the best. Alcohol decreases sugar or blood glucose levels and, if what we want is sugars for the muscle to recover, alcohol can be an obstacle.

3. Only protein. It may be that by training very hard you deserve some steak, or a cut of meat, however, although protein is important after training, it is not the only indispensable nutrient. The protein will help the carbohydrates that you eat at that moment to reach the muscle faster. That’s why it combines the two things: protein and carbohydrates together.

4. Excessive dishes in calories. Not because we have run we can eat everything we want. If you want to take care of your weight it is better that you don’t trust yourself and remember that 70% is the diet, and 30% the exercise. You will not use all the effort you make to go running, if you eat too much. You will recover well, of course, but the excess calories you consume will accumulate in your body as fat.

Remember that food is part of training. Just as you have planned how much and how you are going to run, it’s important to plan your recovery food, only then will you achieve your goals.

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