How Is The Group Stage Defined In Case Of A Tie In Points?

◼️ The goal difference is the first tiebreaker between two or more selections matched in points at the end of the first phase. How does it continue from there?

It often happens that, after playing the three games of the group stage, some selections equal in the number of points and both the first place and the pass to the second round is defined by other factors. In 2014, in fact, host Brazil was first in their zone with the same number of units as Mexico, and Portugal was eliminated despite the draw with the United States. Therefore, it is important to review how the positions will be defined if that happens in this World Cup in Russia 2018.

If two teams have the same amount of points, it would be necessary to look first at the one that has the biggest goal difference and, in case this data also coincides, one should go to the following argument: the greatest number of goals in favor. In the event that the tie persists -both points, goal difference and number of goals in favor-, the following criteria should be checked in order. If the first is not met, go to the second, and so on to the third:

  • The highest number of points obtained in matches between the teams in question.
  • The biggest goal difference in those same matches.
  • The highest number of goals scored by each team in the matches played between them.

In the hypothetical case that after checking all the numbers, were the two or more teams still tied, it would proceed to a draw to be made by the organizing committee of the World Cup.

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