The Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Could Leave Real Madrid

After nine seasons, Cristiano Ronaldo’s stage at Real Madrid seems to be at an end. The Portuguese crack has been wanting to leave the team for a long time and said so after the final of the Champions League in Kiev in which the white team beat Liverpool. “It was very nice to be in Madrid,” said the Portuguese to the surprise of the fans meringues. Later, he clarified that he would disclose his future the following week, but has not yet made a statement.

The main reason why Cristiano wants to leave Chamartín is his dissatisfaction with Florentino Pérez. The Portuguese thinks that the directive has been neglecting him to retire and sign a substitute like Neymar or Mbappé. He believes that he has not been valued enough despite being the top scorer in club history and having won four Champions as a player, four of the five Ballon D’Ors he has and two The Best prizes.

In addition, Ronaldo is still waiting for a contract improvement promised by the president himself and thinks that the club has not defended him in his problems with the Treasury (as Barça did with Messi), for which he had to pay 18.8. millions of euros.

The departure of Zidane is also another reason why Cristiano Ronaldo feels that his time in Madrid has ended. The Frenchman was always one of his main defenders even in his worst moments, like when he went through a bad run during the first stretch of last season. Now, without the French coach, the situation has changed.

On the other hand, the Portuguese crack seduces the idea of ​​playing for Juventus. His fans gave him a great ovation after the bicycle-kick goal scored in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and he later declared that he had always been one of his favorite teams.

The Turin club would be willing to pay 100 million euros for his signing, a figure that, as is the market, seems ridiculous. However, we must bear in mind that Ronaldo will be 34 years old in February.

Despite this, Real Madrid still expects his big star to change his mind and continue at the Bernabéu next season. They plan to meet with him during this summer to clarify the situation. Maybe it’s already too late.

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