◼️ ‘The King’ negotiates to make the leap to the big screen as the protagonist of a comedy.

The arrival of LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers was not only an NBA team change but an expansion of the ‘King James’ business beyond basketball. So much so that the new star of the purple and gold team could appear on the big screen in the very near future, because it didn’t take long for him to get movie offers.

According to Variety, LeBron James is in negotiations to star in a comedy with Paramount. According to information from the American media, “The King” will also be the producer of the film, collaborating with his company SpringHill Entertainment.

LeBron already had a non-leading role in ‘Trainwreck‘, back in 2015, and his name has long been playing as the main star of what would be Space Jam 2, that is, the second part of the film by Michael Jordan with the stars of Warner Bros cartoons.

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