◼️ The participation of 32 to 48 teams could be increased, but that decision will be voted on.

Qatar 2022 already has start and end dates and it was the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, who was in charge of revealing them.

To avoid high temperatures and to give a good show on the Qatari courts, the FIFA chief revealed the dates on which the next World Cup will take place, so there will be movements in the leagues and national teams calendars.

“That decision has already been made and the World Cup will be from November 21 to December 18, 2022, the leagues around the world are informed and will have to adapt their calendars accordingly, I think it is the right final decision because you can’t play in June or July in Qatar,” announced Infantino.

“In November and December players will be very ready to play a great World Cup, because it is almost at the beginning of the season.”

Most of the leagues in the world begin activity between July and August, and that is the reason for the movements that will have to be made for the next World Cup.

Infantino also reported that so far is still thinking that Qatar 2022 will be played with 32 nations, however, it’s not ruled out the idea to extend it from this edition to 48 participants; The final decision will be made in a few months.

“If the Qatar World Cup will be of 32 or 48 national teams, it will be debated in a few months, we will speak with Qatar and if there is a possibility we will speak with the council, we will take the decision with calm and serenity, at the moment there is no definitive decision, at the moment it is anticipated with 32 nations “, added the leader of the FIFA.

This week in Moscow, Qatar 2022 already gave his departure signal with exhibitions on the progress in the organization of its World Cup, having the largest in Gorky Park.

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