France Is The 2018 World Cup Champion! – Their Elegance Overpowered The Croatian Spirit

◼️ The 2018 World Cup in Russia will always have France as its Champion, who showed a lethal attack against a brave and historic Croatia.

France was not the darling of the world and was not even the one that squandered more energy, but the team that gave a chair of intelligence and coldness, virtues to which he was faithful throughout a World Cup that is now his.

The Gauls won the second title of their history in Russia 2018 thanks to a win that at the beginning of the match seemed unlikely. It was a 4-2 full of “timing”, of defensive solidity and calculating zeal, enough to beat Croatia, who were worthy but gave away too much.

“Football is not fair” would have been the trite but accurate phrase to define the first half, before France’s football depth ended up imposing itself. Didier Deschamps had opted for the rival’s wear, just as he did against Belgium.

The Gauls had the luxury of having a 9, Olivier Giroud, who didn’t score in the entire World Cup, that Blaise Matuidi was the companion of N’golo Kante to try to nullify Luka Modric, and still to sacrifice Kante in the second half because he had a yellow card.

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