Boston Celtics, Close To Signing Marcus Smart For 4 Years

The future of Marcus Smart can be sealed in the next few hours. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Danny Ainge and the player’s agent are very advanced in negotiating for the restricted free agent to continue his career in Massachusetts.

As for the contract that will keep him in the only team he has known in the NBA, this would move in the range of about 46-50 million dollars spread over four years; that is, it would be around 12 million per season. The final agreement is at the expense of the end of the talks, which are still ongoing at this time.

The truth is that patience has ended up rewarding the greens. At the end of the season, Smart said he deserved more than 14 million a year. In Boston, they could not be more nervous about such a request. Believing that they would end up signing their stay for less money, and supported by the fact that they were a restricted free agent, they awaited events. And they did well because they have finally managed to continue to have an essential player in their scheme at a lower cost.

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