Kawhi Leonard Furious With The Raptors Trade – Threatens To Sit All Year

◼️ Different American journalists report the anger of the San Antonio star for his transfer to the Toronto Raptors. It would be an unusual decision.

Kawhi Leonard is very irritated by his transfer to the Toronto Raptors, according to various American journalists. Chris Haynes (ESPN) reported that the forward “doesn’t want to play” in the Canadian franchise, while Sean Deveney (Sporting News) went one step further: the twice best defender of the year would be willing to sit throughout the course “if  necessary.”

To carry out this threat, Leonard would only have to stretch a little more his quadriceps injury that only let him play nine games last season with the Spurs and that has been the trigger for his landing in Toronto in exchange for DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl and a first-round draft pick protected Top-20 for 2019.

It would be an unusual decision in the NBA and takes us back to the threat that Kyrie Irving allegedly made last summer to the Cleveland Cavaliers to let him go. The base said that he would go through the operating room to repair his knee in the summer and that he would not wear shorts again for the whole year. Finally, he ended up in the Boston Celtics, although the impact of this threat on the Cavs board was never revealed.

This intention leaves the Raptors in a situation of helplessness, although presumably they were aware of the consequences that the signing would bring a Leonard who knows his strange and closed personality and who doesn’t know his true state of health and has his mind set in Los Angeles (whether Clippers or Lakers) than in the cold lands of Canada.

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