Mark Wahlberg Bets On The Patriots, Eagles … And Browns?

◼️ The actor is a loyal fan of the New England outfit, but in betting, there are no colors and he put his money in Philadelphia and Cleveland.

The 2018 season of the NFL is about to start. The teams will begin to prepare and most will start with their training next week. But the players are not the only ones who are aware of the kickoff. Fans and bookies will follow their activities very closely to define the favorite team to take the Super Bowl.

Mark Wahlberg is one of them. The Hollywood actor and owner of a fast food chain is a faithful follower of the Patriots. On multiple occasions, he has been seen with Tom Brady and Robert Kraft for his passion for the team. However, when it comes to money, the artist puts aside his colors to have juicy profits.

This Is How The Actor Will Place His Bets

Wahlberg was intercepted by the cameras of TMZ Sports when he was about to get into his truck. The reporter asked him if he was going to bet this campaign for New England and the actor revealed that he has his money placed in three situations: that the Eagles and Patriots return to the Super Bowl, and that the Browns will win six games.

The odds indicate that there are three favorite teams to reach the Super Bowl: New England, Green Bay, and Philadelphia. The Patriots start in the first position with +500, followed by Eagles and Packers with +900. The Browns come out with a +8000 to reach the game for the championship.

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