Isaiah Thomas Called Danny Ainge For An Opportunity To Return To The Celtics

◼️ Isaiah Thomas talks about his injury, his new stage in the Nuggets and the option to return to the Celtics.

Isaiah Thomas has given a juicy interview to ESPN in which he has confessed about his serious hip injury, his problems finding a team or a good contract this summer … and a possible return to the Boston Celtics that was in the air before to sign with the Denver Nuggets.

Isaiah Thomas has confessed in the interview that this summer there was an opportunity to return to the Boston Celtics. The Nuggets base called Danny Ainge. “If the opportunity comes up, I just wanted to tell you that I would love to return,” he reveals he told her. And, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, the GM of the Celtics was open to the possibility, but before it had to solve the renewal of Marcus Smart. But before it was possible, Thomas signed with the Nuggets. “I would have returned. I do not hold any grudge against him. “

Isaiah Thomas ended up signing a contract for the minimum with the Denver Nuggets. Just over two million dollars, when before the injury aspired to a maximum contract, close to 200. “People know that I earned it and that I deserved a maximum contract, and that is the only reason why they haven’t paid me what I deserved. Because he injured me. I get it. The most important thing for me this summer was to put myself in the best situation and show that I am healthy. “

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