OFFICIAL: Kevin Love Has Signed A 4 Year, 120M Contract Extension With The Cavaliers

◼️ Kevin Love will continue in the Cleveland Cavaliers after signing a new long-term contract.

The exodus in the Cavaliers is not total. In the end, the one who keeps the most in vile for the rumors of transfer since in 2016 the Cleveland team took the NBA championship is the one that has endured in the team longer: Kevin Love has signed his renewal.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Windhorst, provided the figures, in addition to the franchise already making it official: it will be four seasons of contract for Love for which it will charge a total of 120 million dollars (adding it to what remains to be fulfilled, will be 5 years for 145 million that will end in 2023).

Everything seems to indicate that, after the departure of LeBron James towards the Lakers and the movements that have been made in the summer market, Love will now be the franchise-player of the Cavaliers, at least for next season.

Kevin Love has been in the Cavs since August 2014, almost four years ago, when he arrived by a transfer that took him out of the Timberwolves and exchanged two players who were No. 1 of the draft with those of Ohio: Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett. Love has been in the successful second stage of LeBron in Cleveland, where he has dominated the Eastern Conference with an iron hand.


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