The Kevin Durant-C.J. McCollum Social Media Brawl Explained

◼️ C.J. McCollum and Kevin Durant meet on social networks after an interview from the first to the second on a podcast.

Again the signing of Kevin Durant for the Warriors, which is now more than two years old, is the subject of news. In this case, criticism by another of the players of the NBA.

C.J. McCollum, a well-known passionate journalist, leads a podcast that Durant himself went through this time. But, despite the relaxed nature of the interview, the subsequent consequences have not been so candid. There are two points of controversy.

In the podcast, they speak of the signing of Cousins by Golden State, to which McCollum responds that he could have signed for his team and so he would have real chances of winning the NBA. They put Jusuf Nurkic in the conversation, McCollum endorses the Blazers as one of the candidates for final victory next year and Durant laughs out loud, which the interviewer doesn’t fully understand.

On Twitter, once the interview comes to light, McCollum is asked about Durant’s attitude. The Blazers guard then resorts to the arrival of Durant to the Warriors, calling it “soft” and comparing it to a gang fight and then he joined. In social networks, Durant was quick to respond to McCollum and other users, telling the player the following: “I just did your f***in podcast. Snakes in the grass boy I tell ya “

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