Wade Has 2 Or 3 Days To Decide If He Wants To Play In China

Dwyane Wade has received an offer of 25 million dollars in three years to go to play in China. We already knew that. But such a dizzying proposition has a but in the fine print: Wade has to decide from here to two or three days maximum. Beijing Youth Daily reports that the Zhejiang Golden Bulls want to have the veteran escort at all costs, but they need to know if they accept their offer.

The rush of the Asian team is due to the fact that, in the event that Wade declines to change airs, they have plans to tempt other North American stars, so they have to move quickly when negotiating in order to set up their template. And, given the amounts offered to Wade, money does not seem to be a problem to achieve that goal.

Wade, at 36, was last season in the Cavaliers and the Heat, averaging between 11.4 points per game. Right now, what the Miami franchise could give you is light years away from what you can pay in China. At most, given that the team is a few million above the luxury tax, they can offer medium level exceptions (just over 5 million per course thanks to the Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception) or the minimum veteran (2.4).

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