Aaron Judge Taken To The Hospital For MRI After Being Hit On Wrist

◼️ ‘The judge’ wasn’t happy about the game against the Royals after the 108-seam hit him on the wrist. The doctors still don’t give a verdict.

The good news arrives, but so do the bad news. The Yankees have just added two important pitchers to their bullpen, but they could lose a vital weapon to the offense for a few days: Aaron Judge.

The right fielder of the New York ninth suffered a blow in the opening game of the series against the Royals. Jacob Junis, Kansas City pitcher, threw the 108 seam and, when Judge was making the move to hit, the tackle hit his left wrist. The score was 3-2, but ‘the judge’ advanced on a walk to first, but his anger was evident.

While announcing his departure from Yankee Stadium, fans turned on their cell phone as if it were a candle to wish Judge success in his medical exams.


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