Carmelo On Signing For OKC: “It Wasn’t A Good Decision, Everything Was Rushed”

Little by little, the year of Carmelo Anthony in the Thunder is behind us, a course that promised good things, alongside Paul George and Russell Wesbtrook, and that nevertheless became a great disappointment. Melo, who came to OKC from the Knicks in September 2017, managed to play in the Oklahoma playoffs for the first time since 2013. But that has seemed like little for him, especially if you consider that the Thunder were eliminated in the first West round.

Now the Carmelo-Oklahoma relationship is history since the transfer between the Thunder and the Hawks is official. Carmelo points to Houston but first, his situation with Atlanta must be resolved, which will cut him off. The scorer, who took his player option a month ago, when he still belonged to the Thunder, has a total of 27.9 million dollars pending collection for 2018-19. When he is fired by the Hawks, he will be free to join the Rockets, something that will happen yes or yes and that only the legal deadlines for this type of operations are delaying.

This Wednesday, in Washington D.C., at a private Nike event, Melo spoke for the first time clear and concise about his days, disappointing, in the Thunder. In statements collected by ESPN, the Queens player acknowledged that things didn’t go well in Oklahoma. From the moment of deciding to go there. “It was not a good decision. I think last year, and it’s the first time I talk about it, everything was rushed.”

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